Thank you for your interest in the Daryl Roth Theatrical Licensing collection. Please contact us with any questions you may have on our website, our titles, or the general licensing process. See below for answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

How do I request a license?

Instructions for requesting a license to any of the titles in our catalog can be found on each individual show’s webpage.  In addition, you can always email inquiry@darylrothlicensing.com

How quickly can I expect my license request to be approved/denied?

Please allow no less than 10 business days for us to fully review and prepare your license.  

I’m a writer, and I’d like you to consider my play for your catalog. Do you accept unsolicited materials?

Due to the high volume of inquiries we receive, DRTL is not able to accept unsolicited manuscripts or materials.  If you are having a presentation or reading of your project, you may send an invitation to inquiry@darylrothlicensing.com

What is the difference between licensing, booking and touring?

When we issue a license for a title, we are extending the performance rights to you and/or your organization for a specific number of public performances during a stated time period.  We also license the original artwork and production elements (including set pieces, props, musical tracks and projections) for several of our titles.

When you book one of our shows, in addition to the title of the play, we will provide all of the productions aspects for the show to be presented.  This may or may not include artists, crew, set, artwork, musicians, etc.  This is not contingent on a larger tour and in many cases may be a stand alone engagement.

Our touring shows include a completely produced and presented show that is currently playing multiple engagements throughout the country. 

How does DRTL differ from other licensing companies?

DRTL is a boutique agency with a completely curated catalog representing a select number of titles for licensing, booking and touring.

 – As a boutique agency, we strive to serve each title thoroughly. By limiting the number of total titles in our catalog, our goal is to make the most effective and efficient match between our titles and each partner theatre/presenter. 

 – As a curated catalog, we often work in concert with other licensing houses to encourage additional opportunities for each title.

 – DRTL offers licensing, booking and touring – where the industry norm is that these divisions are treated independently, and often are handled by separate companies. This distinction allows us to work with presenters and theatre companies to best assess the needs and resources of that partner company and assist in the best possible presentation within said company’s needs and desires seamlessly.

 – Please note: we do not publish scripts. If you are interested in obtaining a copy of any of our titles please contact us at inquiry@darylrothlicensing.com.