Charles Busch: The Lady at the Mic


Charles Busch featuring Tom Jusdon at the piano




Approximately 75 minutes


Experience the giddy enchantment of Charles Busch’s world in this intimate evening of song and stories. A two-time MAC Award winner, Tony nominee, playwright (The Tale of the Allergist’s Wife) and drag legend, Busch has also become one of the most sought-after cabaret performers in New York.


This new show created for Lincoln Center’s American Songbook, has Busch and his invaluable musical director, Tom Judson, paying tribute through song and reminiscence to five extraordinary and much missed women: Elaine Stritch, Polly Bergen, Mary Cleere Haran, Julie Wilson and Joan Rivers.


Few, if any, entertainers are more full service than actor-singer-playwright-novelist-librettist-screenwriter-director-drag pioneer-force of nature, Charles Busch.


2 performers - Charles Busch and a pianist


"Charles Busch, the playwright and sometime drag performer, has the gift of comic gab like few other entertainers. Innately funny, endearing and acutely intelligent… When he forsakes his female alter egos to sing without affectation, he is an expressive interpreter…"
- The New York Times

"After keeping the crowd laughing for well on twenty minutes, he suddenly announces he'll sing a song by Johnny Mercer and Harold Arlen. Launching into 'I Wonder What Became of Me,' he chills the room in a blink, wringing wrenching poignancy where there once were bawdy stories."
-Edge on the Net

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